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Building versus Buying in Des Moines Real Estate Market 2021

Building versus buying in the 2021 Real Estate Environment: A great option to make your dreams come true!

Big thanks to our awesome friends at Kimberley Development Corporation for this amazing content. It’s definitely a great time to consider building a custom home if you’re TIRED OF COMPETING in this crazy real estate market. Think of it this way … Would you rather get the home of your dreams and pay a little extra for the increased cost of lumber and building products? Or … Would you rather settle for a resale home that may or may not provide you everything you want JUST to get into a home, and not to mention, you’re likely looking at paying a premium due to competition because of the lack of inventory out there. Until things change, and we start seeing more inventory or fewer buyers, this is the new trend. If you watch our weekly Monday Market Update videos that can be found on our Facebook Page, you know this is something that we bring up quite often.

The pandemic has thrown a wrench into many of our plans for the next few years. The shift in the housing market has been evident to even those who aren’t interested in buying or selling. This has been discouraging for anyone who was wanting to upgrade or start their next journey in a home this fall or winter. Homebuyers are having to compromise on location and quality of home just to get a foot in the door at a listed home. What if we told you, with some flexibility you wouldn’t have to settle?!

Easy to Sell

There is no better time to sell your home than RIGHT NOW. Real estate is going fast and housing analysts are not expecting the market to slow down anytime soon. If you want to sell, you will likely see significant appreciation. This allows you to take that equity and put it toward the home of your dreams.

Reduced Buying Competition

Pre-existing homes are getting multiple offers within the first few hours of being available. If you work with a builder – you will own the land where your home will go and will not have to worry about someone pulling the rug from underneath you.

Head Start

People that feel they have enough clarity about their future are prime candidates to plan out a custom build. By starting to ask questions now, an interested buyer can get the prime locations they want with little competition. Rather than waiting until all of the prime lots are snatched up start to formulate a plan of where you want and when. A builder can keep you updated on their availability, so you get first dibs on the best locations.

Compromise? I think NOT

How great does “total control” sound? Building a custom home with Kimberley means you can be as involved in the process as you want to be. We have professionals who will ensure the functionality and quality is second to none and designers that help to encompass your unique style and dreams within the architecture and design.

New New

You will literally get to watch your house being build from day to day. This home will not only be new to you when you move in but it will be NEW NEW. Having a new home comes with a wide array of benefits in itself.

1. Little to no maintenance because nothing will be worn or used.
2. Lower energy costs due to having the latest most efficient systems.
3. A fresh start with new finishes, fixtures and systems.
4. Blank canvas for inspiring spaces and projects.

So much more!

Ask Kimberley Development Corporation

Kimberley has been making dreams become reality for more than four decades. If you are interested in building your very own Kimberley home in the near future, let’s chat so you aren’t late to the party! the dsmSOLD Team at Keller Williams Legacy Group proudly represents Kimberley Development Corporation at Painted Woods West in Waukee. We’d love to chat about how we can help you build your dream home there, or in one of Kimberley’s other amazing developments, or on land you own, around the metro. Give us a call today at 515-442-0625.

*Republished with permission of Kimberley Development Coporation.

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